Guest-hosting is full-spectrum remote-hospitality services for the home sharing market. Services include guest and client security; guest experience consulting, cleaning and key exchange. 

  • Security Consulting

    Screening guest is not enough. There are multiple physical and digital risk in home sharing to protect against. What solutions do you have in place?

  • Financial Consulting

    Home sharing is a business. What is your financial strategy? Tax strategy? Exit plan?

  • Legal Consulting

    While you should consult a lawyer, there are legal issues that need to be addressed and understood to avoid potential catastrophic losses.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, we'll give you your money back and pay for a competitor's cleaning.

Square foot pricing is more advantageous than hourly or room-based pricing.

Lovly cleans more in a New York Minute than anyone else. We have created one of the fastest cleaning systems and utilize the industries best professional tools allowing us to clean more efficiently and effectively giving you the Lovly experience you deserve every time.

Your first interaction with your guest should be a good one. It sets the tone and perspective of how they will view you (good or bad rating). Everything needs to be set up correctly to receive your guest. Room temperature; making sure everything is working; answering questions most guest have, etc. Just giving your guest keys so they can get in is bare minimum.

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